Fusion With Skeletons and Depth Simultaneosly?

I am hoping to run Fusion with 4 cameras and the 'networked" workflow. My question is if I can get skeleton data and depth data from Fusion simultaneously, as all the examples seem to show these workflows independent of one another.


What exactly do you mean by “fused depth data”?for the moment the only data available in the fusion module is the skeleton data and the spatial mapping data.

But yes, you can retrieve all the data currently available in the fusion module at the same time. The same way you would do it with a single camera.

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I was referring to the depth map/point cloud, which it sounds like is not part of Fusion. However, when you say “spatial mapping data” is available, it looks like that means you can get skeletons and a mesh of the space simultaneously. Is that correct?

You can indeed retrieve the skeleton data while mapping the scene.

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