Fusion retrieveImage returns FUSION_ERROR_CODE::NOT_ENABLE

When using fusion with a ZED X I get FUSION_ERROR_CODE::NOT_ENABLE when trying to retrieve an Image.

The ZED X is connected to a ZED Box which opens the camera and starts publishing via LOCAL_NETWORK. My host machine subscribes to the fusion stream and calls process without any errors. But trying to retrieve an Image or depth measurements results in the error code mentioned above.
Bot the ZED Box and my machine run ZED SDK 4.0.8.

Hi @arrop,

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This is expected behavior: when using LOCAL_NETWORK, we do not currently publish any image data (left image, right image, depth, point cloud, …) for performance reasons.

The Fusion retrieveView and retrieveMeasure methods are available in INTRA_PROCESS mode, however (meaning the publishers and subscriber are run in the same process).

Hi @mattrouss,
thank you for your quick answer :grin:.
Unfortunately, I’m not able to use intra-process mode for my application. Is it currently planned to add image publishing to fusion in network mode in the near future?
In the meantime, is there another way to achieve this, like enabling streaming on the same camera?
Additionally, it may be a good idea to include this in the documentation because I couldn’t find any information that this is disabled in network mode :grinning:.

Hi @arrop,

Thank you for the feedback, we will improve the documentation to reflect this.

This is not the recommended workflow, but you can use the local streaming module to stream the images from every camera to the centralized system, which will perform the depth compute and the body tracking compute as well.

In this case you will have a much higher bandwidth usage and will have to handle the synchronization between the different cameras. These are the current issues that we are working in order to provide the image data in the Fusion module.