Fusion LiveLink for UE5 crashing


Fusion LiveLink for UE5 is crashing randomly and I can’t find the reason.

I’m using the build that came with the example, together with the example UE5 map.

I’m using two ZED 2i’s on one Win11 system with i9-13000k, 64GB DDR5 and RTX 3090 :slight_smile:

One ZED 2i is connected with high-speed 5gbps 10m Oculus Quest Link usb-c to usb-c cable.

The second one is connected with 15m active USB 3.2 5gbps extender with additional power supply.

I didn’t have any crash when I used each of them in their respectful configuration in LiveLink Mono.

Is there maybe a log or crash report somewhere?

From my tests, it crashed several times when I touched (literally touched, must be some insulation of its metal case issue) the audio usb interface, but I disconnected it since and it’s still crashing.

Does anyone know how to deug it or what to try?

Now I’m checking trying lower the body tracking accuracy to MEDIUM, but the GPU isn’t in any stress.

Hi @melt ,

Can you try using the cables shipped with your camera directly plugged into the computer, with the same calibration file?
The results will be terrible, but they’re not what we’re looking for here, it’s just to see if it runs without crashing. If there is no issue in Mono with your cables, they should work the same in Fusion.

Did you test them in the same setup as your Fusion setup? Like, were the cables maybe less secured during Fusion?

You might also want to test other USB ports on your computer, and try to reproduce the crash the hard way by unplugging a camera at runtime and see if it’s the same crashing behavior.

Hey @JPlou !

Thanks a lot for the answer :slight_smile:

I’m still have to try it with the cables shipped, with the same calibration file, but my experiments went like this:

  1. unplugging a camera at runtime did nothing - fusion acknowledged it and when I connected it again, it discovered it again.

  2. I tried it on another PC (with almost the same specs) and it crashed the same way.

  3. I just updated ZED API to 4.0.7 and LiveLink stopped working altogether (both Fusion and Mono). I checked Github, and there wasn’t any updates - what to do?

  4. Tomorrow I’m trying yet another PC with different specs, and then short cables.


@melt The updates for 4.0.7 are coming today, sorry for the inconvenience.

Can you also try lowering the resolution of the cameras, using 720p30fps for example, with the extension cables?

Let me know the results with the short cables, I suspect an issue with the extension cables.