Fusion Console Losing Focus Causes Performance Issue


I’m using Unreal to create a live interactive experience. I get ~60fps when I focus my cursor on the unreal engine window. However, this causes the fusion console app to lose focus which results in slower body tracking and less reliable live-link performance. When I focus on the fusion console app, my live link data becomes reliable, the skeleton body tracking is smoother, but the unreal fps drops to ~20fps.

How can I have both apps focused?
How can I maintain performance?
How can I give the same priority to each the unreal app and the console app such that performance isn’t lost?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @ZanderCodes !

Can you try capping the FPS of the engine, using t.MaxFPS 60 in the UE5 console? (or any value that fits your tests, this would be for 60 fps).

I don’t know why that is exactly, I suspect process priority, but it increases the performance a lot on my side.

I capped the performance via t.MaxFPS 60 but this did not change the performance.

Do you think that if I ran the fusion sender console app through unreal via a blueprint or C++ script, that it would consider both processes as one; essentially combining the processing power? Or might there be a setting that can adjust the built exe’s priority?


Thank you!


It might be a power plan issue, can you try setting the power plan of your computer to “high performance” or equivalent?
You can also increase the priority of the process in the Task Manager, it may help.

As to running the process inside of Unreal, it should work, but it needs some work to get the dependencies in the right place, and it removes the possibility of running the sender (which is pretty lightweight) from another machine.

I tried these things, I believe the performance went up slightly. My scene might also just be too intense for my hardware. Setting the priority to “high” makes the largest difference.

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