Full body mask with python and zed 2i

We are trying to create a mask over a player.
we have a realy responsive mask over a single player but it seems that the arms are cut off as the move away from the body.

the object mask only mask a portion of the player. how would we achieve a full body (arms included) mask using the zed 2i camera and python?

thank you for the help

Hello @KasperH,

  • Are you using the Object Detection or Body Tracking module?
  • In any case, could you enable the 2D bounding box to see if it fits correctly?
  • Does this also happen when you use other depth modes or detection models?

To investigate this further, we would need a working code and SVO to reproduce the issue. You can send them to support@stereolabs.com (mentioning this ticket) if you don’t wish to share them here.

Best regards,