Frequent camera timeouts and randomly lost connection

When running your Unity Livelink stereolabs/zed-unity-livelink: ZED Livelink plugin for Unity ( the program suddenly stops running giving no specific error message (even wrapping the entire main inside a try catch gave no error message).

Occasionally I will get a warning saying a camera has timed out, other times the program just simply crashes.

I am running fusion of 6 cameras, ran through the network, running Edge Body Tracking app in the hub on each of the cameras.

Hi @haakonflaar,

The verbose should be enabled in the live link sender, can you share the logs you have?

Hi @JPlou :slight_smile:

Where do I find the log file(s)?

  • It happens every time.
  • It may take 10 seconds or 5 minutes before it happens. No idea what triggers it.
  • I have experiences random crashes with the multi camera app as well, but it happens far more frequently with the unity livelink application.


There is no log file per se, but the sender is a console app that should be logging a little bit of information, which might help.

Thanks for the information.
Could you attach the process to Visual Studio’s debugger to see where/in what it crashes?

Please share the call stack here afterward.