Frames skipping while recording SVO


I am using the latest SDK to record videos within a multi-camera setup with python using the example codes. I am experiencing instances where some frames are skipped while recording and during playback. how can I prevent this from happening.

Hi @Abideen,

If you are experiencing drop frames during recording, this may mean that the box is not able to handle the capture, algorithm compute and SVO save with the given power mode.

In this instance, which power mode are you using?
Are you running other ZED SDK or other algorithms that may impact compute?

Hello Matthew,

I am currently running multi-camera video recording from my PC and not the zed box, using zed 2i cameras. Are there any reasons some frames could be dropping or missing. Further, I want to set AEC_AGC to automatically reset the exposure and gain per frame within the video recording while driving along the highway. Our current script works by adjusting set values of exposure and gain based on brightness levels, making the recorded video not good to watch as it has oscillating brightness and exposure. Are there some considerations I need to put into context while using the AEC_AGC with the full frame as my region of interest ?

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Hi @Abideen,

Do you have these frame-skipping issues when the exposure is not set for every frame? Because I believe this can have an impact of the frame rate of the camera.

Another reason to have skipped frames is the USB bandwidth, typically when having multiple cameras on the same USB controller. I would suggest having the cameras connected to different USB3 controllers if your laptop has them.

To limit this risk I can suggest reducing the frame rate/resolution as well.

The auto-exposure is not configurable on our USB cameras, unfortunately, only on the ZED X family of cameras. If you wish to set the exposure yourself, I would suggest performing it not at every frame to avoid the issues you were mentioning. You can do it either at a fixed rate or an adaptive rate.