Finding out the distance

how can I get the
distance (meter)
and velocity(k/m )
for every object in terminal printed when I run the detector for yolov5 ?

what I made I tried to print the distance for all the object detected already in the scene
I could find out and print in terminal all the information about all the object expect the distance

as you can see here
I just got the distacne for one point?

how can I get the distance for all the object!

another thing is that why is it slow why I run yolov5 detector???

please help?

HI @joeurban
you can find the information in the object variable:

The distance that you are calculating with the Euclidean Distance formula there is the distance of the central point of the image

I got it
Thanks a lot

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Why is it slow? Yolov5 detector is slow ?

YoloV5 is faster if compiled with CUDA and optimized for the GPU that you are using

i am on xavier nx with 20 W and 6 cores
i have built a conda environment with python 3.8, torch 1.7.0a0,t orchvision 0.8.0a0+291f7e2 and pyzed 3.7!

but the performance is still same!!!
I am sending the output format via UDP. enve with stopping UPD protocol the performance is still having lag of almost 2 seconds