Field Laptops with ZED2i

I’m looking to do some field testing with the ZED2i camera in a quite cold environment. I’m looking to use a rugged or semi-rugged laptop to do this. Many of these rugged laptops (like the Panasonic Toughbook) do not have Nvidia GPU’s to use CUDA.

What are some common laptops / jetsons / NUC’s used in the field? What are my best options for a CUDA compatible GPU and reliability / ruggedness?

I’d like to stay in a x86_64 architecture if possible.


Hi @brjthomas
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An NVIDIA GPU is required to use our cameras with the ZED SDK, you can find different rugged laptops with discrete NVIDIA GPUs.
Otherwise, you can consider NVIDIA Jetson-based embedded devices from SysLogic, Vecow, AdLink, Neousys, Forecr, ConnectTech, etc.

Our ZED Box is also a solution, but it’s not made to work in harsh environments without external protection.

Hi again!

Embedded Jetson-based devices, as well as the zed box, unfortunately are not a viable choice for my project right now.

In terms of rugged field laptops I have found

The Lenovo option is a working solution.