Exterme Video Tearing on SVO and Streaming


SVO Video Tearing Gif

I encounter a video tearing both channel of image. I would like to know what is the possible causes and how to identify this using your SDK.

My setup is Jetson Xavier NX with Python SDK all latest at the time of writing.

The occurrence is rare, this also affects the tracking and depth sensing function of the camera.
After this event, the jetson is reset and not able to start up normally until tmr.

This might happen after I tried to play the stream of ZED remotely via a VPN.
I viewed a similar tearing video via C++ SDK. I thought I was a shortage of internet bandwidth at first. As it turned out, the SVO file also has a similar video feed.

Another theory is this might cause by overheating. but, I have no idea which component of the set up. It might be the cable, the ZED cam or the jetson.

I know this might be hard to reproduce this bug on the engineering team. let me know if you want my collaboration on anything.

Since this is interrupting the object detection as well as positioning tracking. This bug might be causing injuries or death in my application. pls let me know some early workaround would be great.

This is the full SVO file.

Hi @CircleOnCircles
are you using USB cable extenders or USB3 hubs?
Usually, that tearing effect is generated by a not stable USB3 connection.
From the S/N of your camera I saw that it’s a ZED2i, please check also that the screws of the USB Type-C connector are strongly tightened.

sure, let me try to tighten the connector and will get back to you.

thank you for suguesting