Exporting video from svo to avi

I am trying to export a recorded video in SVO to avi format. I tried to follow the example, but it seems I did it wrong because I got an error. I understood that I should write ZED_SVO_Export then input path then output path then a number.
Am I doing this wrong?

Thanks in advance


ZED_SVO_Export A B C

Please use the following parameters from the command line:
A - SVO file path (input) : “path/to/file.svo”
B - AVI file path (output) or image sequence folder(output) : “path/to/output/file.avi” or “path/to/output/folder”
C - Export mode: 0=Export LEFT+RIGHT AVI.
2=Export LEFT+RIGHT image sequence.
3=Export LEFT+DEPTH_VIEW image sequence.
4=Export LEFT+DEPTH_16Bit image sequence.
A and B need to end with ‘/’ or ''

(AVI LEFT+RIGHT) ZED_SVO_Export “path/to/file.svo” “path/to/output/file.avi” 0
(AVI LEFT+DEPTH) ZED_SVO_Export “path/to/file.svo” “path/to/output/file.avi” 1
(SEQUENCE LEFT+RIGHT) ZED_SVO_Export “path/to/file.svo” “path/to/output/folder” 2
(SEQUENCE LEFT+DEPTH) ZED_SVO_Export “path/to/file.svo” “path/to/output/folder” 3
(SEQUENCE LEFT+DEPTH_16Bit) ZED_SVO_Export “path/to/file.svo” “path/to/output/folder” 4

Press [Enter] to continueZED_SVO_Export “C:/Users/use1/OneDrive/Documents/ZED/HD1080_SN34403499_20-46-06.svo/” “G:/Personal_projects/UE5_projects/zed_videos/” 0

G:\Personal_projects\UE5_projects\zed_export\Debug\ZED_SVO_Export.exe (process 41232) exited with code 1.
Press any key to close this window . . .

Hi @feraskiki,

I believe in this example if you wish to save as a .avi video you must specify an output path to a .avi file as such:

“C:/Users/use1/OneDrive/Documents/ZED/HD1080_SN34403499_20-46-06.svo” “G:/Personal_projects/UE5_projects/zed_videos/video.avi” 0

Thank you for your reply. The problem is still happening even when I do that. The only difference is error message code.

(process 22568) exited with code 1.
Press any key to close this window . . .

I thought that using release or debug mode might have affected it, but I also tried both to no avail.

I am sure that the file exists in its location as I also tried copying it to another directory.

Hi again,

I was not able to reproduce your issue on a Windows setup with the ZED SDK 4.1.1.

Can you confirm that the SVO can be opened using our other tools or samples such as ZED_Explorer or ZED_Depth_Viewer?

Can you share the stacktrace to see which is the part of the code that exits with 1?

The video is working well with other ZED programs and I can run it well.

The code basically doesn’t go past the input. I tried to remove argc (and the if statement) and the code closes automatically with an error when I do that without pressing anything (I would get exited with code -1073741819 in this case)
Giving just empty input (just pressing enter) also gives an error.

Just to confirm: If the program runs perfectly, I should be able to just copy paste 3 arguments in the console and the program should run well. Right?

In this case, you can try printing the inputs to the program to make sure that they are parsed correctly by the program.

I would suggest removing the “” quotes to the arguments as well just in case.