Exception using GetDeviceList method


I am trying to get the device list in C# with 4.0.7 version of ZED SDK using this code:

 var deviceList = Camera.GetDeviceList(out int nbDevices);

Unfortunatly, I get this error, which seems to come from dll itself:

Exception non gérée : System.AccessViolationException: Tentative de lecture ou d’écriture de mémoire protégée. Cela indique souvent qu’une autre mémoire est endommagée.
à System.StubHelpers.MngdNativeArrayMarshaler.ConvertContentsToManaged(IntPtr pMarshalState, Object& pManagedHome, IntPtr pNativeHome)
à sl.Camera.dllz_get_device_list(DeviceProperties deviceList, Int32& nbDevices)
à sl.Camera.GetDeviceList(Int32& nbDevices)

Furthermore, on the documentation page, GetDeviceList and GetStreamingDeviceList descriptions are exchanged.

Best regards!

Hello @VR_Neo,

Thanks for the report, we’ve identified the issue and it will be fixed for 4.1.

Sorry for the inconvenience.