Exception upon opening camera with read only file system

I get an exception when opening the camera and the file system is read-only. I’m generating my rootfs using Yocto and I’m attempting to run with a read-only file system. If the filesystem is read-only, then the open() call for the camera throws the following exception:

terminate called after throwing an instance of 'quill::QuillError'
  what():  fopen failed with error message errno: "30"

I made sure that InitParameters.sdk_verbose was set to 0 and InitParameters.sdk_verbose_log_file was empty. If I make the filesystem read-write, then I notice a log file is getting created in /home/root/.zed/log/ every time I open the camera.

I’m assuming the creation of the log file is the source of the exception. Is there any way to disable creation of this log file? I don’t want these log files to accumulate.

Hi @gp1234
thank you for reporting this problem.
I forward it to the SDK Team so they can check and fix this behavior.

@gp1234 this behavior will be fixed in SDK v4.0.1

Any idea when we can expect 4.0.1 to be available?

@gp1234 it has been released today: