Exact location of the origin in the back of the left eye

I was wondering where the reference system of the ZED 2i camera is located. I took a point cloud with the camera pointed perpendicular to a wall and I also measured the distance from the camera to the wall with a measuring tape. The difference is about 15cm. Can somebody give me a more precise number? I read that the origin is located in the back of the left eye. I don’t know the exact depth of its location.

Hi @Daniele
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The origin of the camera reference system is in the cross point of the left optical axis with the plane of the left CMOS sensor, so it’s about 20 mm behind the front panel in the middle of the left lens.

Please consider that a not texturized wall (is it white or homogeneously colored?) can generate not good measures because of the lack of visual features to be matched.

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