Errors running multiple ZED X cameras using NVIDIA DeepStream

Hi there,

I’m trying to run a multi-camera NVIDIA DeepStream pipeline using four ZED X sensors, and I’m running into issues. This post is a follow-up to my original post on the NVIDIA developer forums to ask for more help.

Some system details:

  • Jetson Orin NX
  • ZED SDK 4.0.8
  • JetPack 5.1.1

The latest suggestion from the NVIDIA team was to check the stability of the camera driver.

I understand the ZED X camera is based on an argus camera. Are the ZED X cameras designed to be useable with DeepStream/GStreamer tools, or are they only designed to work with the zed-gstreamer plugin tools?

If the ZED X is intended to work with DeepStream, do you have any suggestions for how I may resolve the issue described in my post on the NVIDIA dev forums?

If the ZED X is not intended to work with DeepStream, do you have examples of multi-camera systems using the zed-gstreamer plugins?

I appreciate any help, thanks!

Hi @andrew.stringfield
Welcome to the Stereolabs community.

I see a problem with your request: you cannot use four ZED X devices with the Orin NX.
You can use four ZED X cameras only with AGX Orin.

You can normally use the zedsrc element provided by the zed-gstreamer repository with the ZED X cameras.

If Deepstream is compatible with GStreamer elements, then you can use it.

There are no ready examples, but you can normally design a multi-src pipeline based on zedsrc elements. It’s only important that you set the camera-sn of each element to correctly assign them to the correct camera.