Error "pyzed was not corretly setup"

  • Windows 11
  • Python 3.12
  • ZED SDK 3.6

I am using PyCharm as the IDE, the problem came when I first started to try running the, there is this error that said,

ERROR : Wheel 'pyzed' located at C:\Users\user\PyCharmProjects\camcam\.venv\pyzed-3.6-cp312-cp312-win_amd64.whil is invalid.
ERROR : An error ocured, 'pip' failed to setup pyzed package (pyzed was NOT correctly setup)

I have tried looking for the same case but eventually we need to send the details through mail so I am asking this through the community if anyone has been through the same thing.

At first I tried to ignored the error and start running the object detection samples, but the program just couldn’t accept the as well. Is this related to the previous problem?


Hello @blueberry,

Please use Python 3.10, we don’t have a versio ready for 3.11 for the 3.6 SDK, sorry.

Best regards,

R&D Engineer
Stereolabs Support