ERROR: Invaliad svo file detected. This svo file appears to be corrupted or improperly formatted

Hi experts:
I am using the v4.1.2 ZED SDK. When I am recording video less than 10 mins, then it is ok. However, when I record the video for over 15mins, it cannot be played back and cannot be exported to .AVI. Do you have any ideas how I can deal with this error.

Thanks in advance for your help and time!

have a nice evening,

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Hi @hangzeng,

I apologize for the late reply, we have tested on Windows and could not reproduce the issue.

Could you run the ZED_Diagnostic tool and send the resulting JSON result file?

Would it also be possible to send a small SVO2 for which you have the issue? It seems that for some reason the svo itself is corrupted when recorded in the conditions you’ve described, which makes it unusable by the ZED SDK.

Hi Mattrouss:
Thanks lot for your reply. I will send you the JSON file after diagnostic tool. The .svo2 file which I have recorded is more than 15mins and therefore the file size is large. I will send you a link through the dropbox via E-mail and hopefully, you can download it for testing.

For small size of file, it works fine and there were no corruptions.