Drone setup for zed2i

I am looking to use Zed2i with drone to map a large field. Can someone suggest which Drone and what assembly is needed. also how will it store, process 3d image. Need to do some volumetric analysis of field. please suggest solution.

Hi @Garima
I can suggest using a DJI Matrice drone that has a good SDK to control the behavior of the vehicle.
You can add an Nvidia Jetson board on it (the minimum recommended is a Xavier NX) to process the ZED SDK data.

Other drone experts in the forum can suggest a better solution, if available.

Team, need your help in integratin nvidia and zed2i in pixhawk flight controller. Do we have any readily available document. I want 3d depth point cloud of ground and to be transmitted to internet. Please share best practices for same.