Does Zed Fusion use GPU to process skeleton data?


I was testing an intense unreal scene and wanted to separate processing between two GPUs. I see that we need CUDA for the zed cameras to work, but I was wondering if I could specify what GPU to use for the camera fusion process and another GPU for rendering out my scene in unreal.


Hi @ZanderCodes,

This will be a bit tricky, but it’s definitely possible.

First, the easy part, selecting the GPU Unreal uses: Explicitly choosing which GPU to use - #6 by 608Visuals - Community & Industry Discussion - Epic Developer Community Forums

Then, the “a little difficult” part, you have to modify the Live Link sender and recompile them.
Instructions for doing so can be found here in the doc: Building ZED Live Link - Stereolabs
(You can also look around the forum, we’ve helped people doing so before).
The objective is to use the sdk_gpu_id InitParameter in the body tracking senders created by the Live Link app, setting it to the GPU you want to use for ZED computing.

Note: The Fusion does not use the GPU, it aggregates the body tracking data of the senders it’s connected to on CPU.