Does the svo file satisfy epipolar constraint?

Hello! I have a ZED 2i camera and I want to use ZED SDK to record some videos.
I have a question about the epipolar constraint. Does the two frames from left and right camera, recorded by ZED SDK, satisfy the epipolar constraint? If I want to obtain dispatirity map by applying other stereo matching algorithms, need I rectify the image pair first, to make sure that they satisfy the epipolar constraint?
I sincerely look forward to your reply. Thanks.

Hi @niuge12138,

When recording an SVO file, the images are not rectified. The rectification (and satisfaction of the epipolar constraint) is done in the grab() function when reading the images from the camera or SVO.

When saving the image using retrieveImage() (or its equivalent in python or other), you can specify if you want the LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT_UNRECTIFIED or RIGH_UNRECTIFIED image (left and right are rectified).

So, basically, up to you!

Thank you for your reply.

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