Distance accuracy


I am trying to use ZED2i to make measurement of objects si I need accurate depth measurement.
I try to measure leaves distance but when I compare distance with L515 I see on some points large distance error

Here an example :

As you can see , on the left part I have 50cm difference. on the right 20cm difference but the measure of the ground distance is OK.

I used the parameters : FILL and NEURAL

How could I improve the accuracy ?

Hi @bpasserat
the problem is the FILL parameter.
It must not be used to measure depth because it introduces smooth estimated values to “fill the holes”, so in the zone where a depth hole was present, you can retrieve not valid depth values.
The FILL model has been introduced for a better AR/VR experience, not for real depth values estimation.

What about if you disable the FILL mode?

Do you have hints about how the “fill the hole” works ?
I checked the whole area on the left and i did not find any points with the correct value.
Does it mean if I use STANDARD mode I will only have NaN ?

I’m sorry, but FILL MODE algorithm is closed information.

No, this is not correct.