Displaying point cloud data

I’m able to record point cloud data and save it in a .ply/.obj using the sample code or the ZED_Depth_Viewer. But I’m unable to visualize it or import it in a CAD software ( Spaceclaim). Some help would be appreciated.

Hi @far-uk
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I advise you to ask to the specific customer support of the software that you want to use (Spaceclaim).
The ZED SDK allows saving the point clouds in the following formats: PCD/PLY/VTK/XYZ


Thanks. I have already contacted their customer support and was told shouldn’t be a problem. I am able to open other .ply files just the ones generated from ZED sdk don’t seem to work. Also, can’t preview it Windows 3D viewer which seems to work fine for other .ply files.

Are the PLY files saved in binary or text format?
Are you able to compare them?

Yes, the PLY files i can preview are binary. The files generated by ZED are saved as text.

Does the software support plain text PLY files?

Yes, the software supports both text and binary PLY files, as I tested both. So does Windows 3D viewer.

Do you get any error messages?

Yes, “Failed to import”