Disparity while playing .svo files recorded from ZED Explorer vs. files recorded from Python


While recording from a python program and saving a .svo file locally, and then playing that file using ZED Explorer, the framerate of the video fluctuates between 22-32 fps, and the frames dropped are at around an alarming ~61%.

At this point we thought the problem lies in the speed at which the computer is writing the file, which might not be fast enough. However, when recording using the ZED Explorer application to record (under the exact same conditions) the frame drop count goes down to around ~2% of the frames, and the framerate keeps stable at 30.

It is also important to note that when recording from a python program, the ZED Explorer plays the video at a very unusual speed (speeded up ~x3), while the same video recorded from ZED Explorer is played normally.

The recording parameters given to the program to start recording are the path and sl.SVO_COMPRESSION_MODE.H264, then the camera.enable_recording(recording_parameters). Finally, the camera.disable_recording() happens when the program stops.

Any ideas why this is happening?

We are using:

-Jetson Xavier NX(JetPack-4.4)
-CUDA 10.2
-Python 3.6+
-Zed 2 Camera

Hi @Vertigo-VR,

Can you please share a code snippet we could use to reproduce your issue ? This will help us performing tests with the same parameters you are using.

Thanks in advance !