Disparity range of zed 2i

Hi,can you tell me the disparity range of zed 2i? I calculate the disparity range through the depth range of the camera and want to know if it is accurate.

Hi @lyehan
the disparity depends on the parameters you are using.

The formulas to use to calculate the disparity range are the following:

max_disparity = focal_px * baseline_m / depth_minimum_distance_m
min_disparity = focal_px * baseline_m / depth_maximum_distance_m

I know this formulas,and the depth range is 0.3m-20m,but If I use it underwater, the recalibrated focal length will change, should I use the newly calibrated focal length to substitute this formula or the original factory parameters

You must use the focal length of the calibration parameters. The one that you retrieve at runtime by using the ZED SDK API functions.

Different resolutions correspond to different focal lengths, so they also correspond to different disparity range. Is it right?

Yes, this is correct. That’s why you should load the focal length value according to them.