Direct3D12 support

What is the timeline for supporting Direct3D12 on Windows? Thank you!

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Can you be more specific, please? In what context do you wish to have Dx12 support?

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I’m using a screen recording plugin from Renderheads which benefits from DX12. Performance is my only context :slight_smile: I do understand that there is a big difference in developing natively between those 2 libs, I’m just trying to understand which might be best and was surprised when my ZED told me it wasn’t supported.


Are you using Unity? If so, indeed our Unity plugin is not compatible with DX12 for now.

This is not a requested feature so we did not plan to add this compatibility in the near future but It may change.

I can quickly take a look at it to evaluate the amount of work required to add this compatibility.

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Oh yes, in Unity. Apologies if that was not clear in my original post. Appreciate the attention!

Hi @BenjaminV - I wanted to bump this thread and see where things are at regarding DX12 support (for Unity in my context as well). I’m working on a project that includes gaussian splat rendering (original source found here), HOWEVER this implementation mentions in their readme “the project requires DX12 or Vulkan on Windows”. There may be other implementations out there for Unity + Gaussian Splatting rendering that don’t require DX12 or Vulkan, but would like to think ZED will extend their SDK plugin to support these graphics APIs anyways! :slight_smile:


We planned to work on the Vulcan compatibility very soon, initially for the HDRP/URP compatibility on Linux.

You can expect having the Vulcan compatibility in the next release.


Thanks for the quick response and great to hear! May I ask what the status is for DX12 compatibility on Windows (Unity)?


Hey @BenjaminV Wanted to bump this thread and ask if you guys have a roadmap related to DX12 support for Unity you can share. Thanks.


For the moment we have not planned to add DX12 support in the short term.
However, we’ve worked on the Vulcan support and we actually have a working branch with it, available here : GitHub - stereolabs/zed-unity at add_vulcan_support.

Feel free to try it out.