Different brightness in left and right cam on Zed 2i


I’m using a forward facing Zed2i for an automotive application and have been finding that the brightness between the left and right image is occasionally different. We are adjusting the camera settings such as gain and exposure live using the Zed SDK. The issue is intermittent and not always present, sometimes it lasts 10 seconds and then both cameras will return to the same brightness/imagery. I’ve observed that it is the left camera that will generally become brighter than the right one, where the right one seems stable. I have tried using different cameras but the issue is still present. I just wondered if anyone had come across this issue and found a solution?

The camera specs are: Zed2i with polarizer 2.1mm with usb cable directly into the laptop usb port (no adapter present). Recording using HD2K at 15FPS.

Hi @Tom_Doughty_mm
Are you using automatic exposure and gain, or are you setting them manually?
Are you using the Region of Interest control over them?

Hi Walter - We are not using automatic exposure and therefore we set the gain/exposure manually. The brightness of the image is evaluated for every frame captured and setting are adjusted if the imagery is outside certain parameters.

Are you retrieving the value of the brightness for each frame?
This is not recommended, you could overload the ISP.
We recommend doing that every “N” frames (5-6).