Depth offset for Zed-X mini

Hi, what’s the offset in depth from what the SDK outputs to the glass front cover on the Zed-X mini?


The distance is expressed in metric units (meters for example) and calculated from the back of the left eye of the camera to the scene object. (

You can find the distance you need by looking at your camera’s datasheet. They are available on each product’s page.


I looked at the datasheet for the Zed-X mini ( but nowhere in it specifies the offset from “zero” depth to the glass plane.
If you look at the datasheet for the Intel Realsense (, you can find a figure that specifies the distance from “Depth start point” to “Front of lens”:

I’m hoping something like this exists for the Zed-X mini.

Sorry for the confusion, unfortunately this reference is not available yet in our datasheets. You can consider it to be 1 cm from the back of the module (for instance, according to the picture you shared the Z’’ is equal to 1 cm in the ZED X Mini).