Depth map colour

Hi all,

How do you apply colourmap to the depthmap image?

I have done the following, but just getting blue window:

Mat depth_image_zed(new_width, new_height, MAT_TYPE::U8_C1);
cv::Mat depth_image_rec;
cv::Mat depth_image_ocv = slMat2cvMat(depth_image_zed);
cv::applyColorMap(depth_image_ocv, depth_image_rec, cv::COLORMAP_JET);



It’s actually simpler, the SDK already provides normalized depth view using retrieveImage function with sl::VIEW::DEPTH Camera Class Reference | API Reference | Stereolabs

Using OpenCV is a bit more work, it takes a float matrix with 1 channel as input and values between 0 and 1 by default

Thanks for your answer, but when passed VIEW::DEPTH image to cv for display cv::imshow(“Depth”, depth_image_ocv); I’m getting greyscale image.