Depth data Custom model Issue

I am using zed2i camera. Created custom trained yolov8 model on few objects. Earlier (around few months back) I was getting the depth data and it was able to detect the objects, but since past couple of weeks, its not detecting the objects and also not getting the depth data.
Also the depth details are pretty much fluctuating previously also.

Hi @anant,

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Could you run the ZED_Diagnostic tool and send the resulting JSON file so we can troubleshoot the issue more easily?

Have you recently upgraded the ZED SDK, and notice issues with the camera using our tools such as ZED_Depth_Viewer?

I am unable to attach the json file as the pop up is showing new users cannot upload the attachments.
The issue which we are facing is that the custom objects are being detected but we are not getting the position and depth values.

Hi @anant,

You can send an email with the json attached to and a link to this ticket.

Can you confirm that you are retrieving correct depth information in ZED_Depth_Viewer and the depth-sensing sample?

I have shared the json on the mail.
We are not getting any depth information in Zed depth viewer.