Depth and PCD file save


Is it possible to get the depth and pcd file from the Zed sdk by giving images which is left and right images saved as png file?

Does the zed sdk support giving images saved in the folder, depth and pcd file can be saved for those images using the zed sdk?

Thanks in Advance

Hi @Gayathri
this is not possible.

The ZED SDK accepts only live cameras, SVO files, and ZED Local Streams as valid inputs.

hi @Myzhar

ZED local streams is video or image captured by zed camera in .png format.

Need to clarify about the ZED Local streams part.


That’s network streaming.
The ZED SDK opens the live camera in a process and starts sending data over the local network.
Another ZED SDK based application connects to the local network stream (instead of a real camera) and can process the data as if it’s connected to the real camera.

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