Depth Accuracy on fast moving objects

I am using a Zed 2 camera to monitor moving objects at about 7 meters.
However, I am getting depth measurements that are far off from reality.

For the same object that appears 6 times in the image, (these objects are about 7m away) I get distance values from left to right of 4.3m, 4.0m, 2.7m, 0m, 0m, and 0m.

If feels odd that the distances are off by so much, and that the same type of object at the same distance from the camera, gets so different values.

Any advice is appreciated.



What type of object do you try to track?

I would recommend using the 720p/60 mode of the ZED SDK.
Having high fps is really important to tracking moving objects.
You can also try different depth mode, quality, ultra or neural.

I am suffering from this as well. Solution for this issue could be limited, which come from the camera property

I am monitoring mobile construction equipment, including cranes, trucks, and wheel loaders.

I have been using 720p/60, and the images I get are pretty good, not blurry and with good detail.
Nonetheless, the distance measurements on those images are not good. As I mentioned, similar objects being at similar distances from the camera give very different distance measurements.

Here is an example:

Camera looking at a passing truck about 10 meters away, still image taken is very good.
Distance measured from depth map on the tires is 4m and 0m for front and rear tires which are both at about 10m from the camera.

Any ideas on how to get this to work are appreciated.

Would it be possible to record a SVO (stereolabs video format) and send it to us at It would us a lot understanding the potential issues or what can be done to improve the overall depth quality.

Best regards,
Benjamin Vallon

Yes, I will do that.
However, the system is currently deployed in a remote area with no connectivity. I will send the data as soon as I can obtain it.