Deploying Application on Windows without ZED SDK

Hi there,

I have compiled the spatial mapping example on Windows (PC #1) using this guide and have verified that it works correctly. I am now trying to deploy the resulting .exe onto another Windows PC (PC #2) without installing the CUDA toolkit or ZED SDK on PC #2.

I would like to copy the EXE (+ required dll files if needed) from my PC #1 to PC #2 to make setting up future PCs easier.

However, when doing so I am finding that the Neural Depth Model is not downloaded or optimized on PC#2. I am able to have the application open, but it appears that without installing CUDA and ZED SDK, the Neural Depth model file is not found/used.

From my understanding, applications compiled for CUDA do not require the CUDA toolkit to be installed on the target PC

On PC #1, I have installed:

  • the CUDA 11.8 Toolkit
  • ZED SDK 4.0 for CUDA 11 as per this guide

On PC #2, I have not installed either of the above. I have copied over the following dll files from PC#1 to the same folder as the EXE. The application opens, but no depth info is visualized

  • sl_zed64.dll
  • sl_ai64.dll
  • opencv_world310.dll
  • freeglut.dll
  • glew32.dll
  • Visual C++ redistributables.

Both of my PCs have the same hardware, OS, GPU (NVIDIA RTX A2000 Laptop GPU), and GPU driver version (528.90).

Is there a way I can run the compiled application on PC#2 without installing a CUDA toolkit and the ZED SDK?


You can’t do that. You must at minimum install the runtime part of CUDA, which is intended for that.
Same thing with the SDK. You may encounter issues if you don’t install it.

If you don’t want to install things and deploy apps more easily, I advise that you use Linux and Docker.

Hi @alassagne

Thanks for the clarification.

How can I install the the runtime part of the ZED SDK on Windows?

I just checked, you can’t.