Decoupling RGB image from Depth

Hello! We have a question regarding if it’s possible to decouple / read separately the RGB image from the Depth image.

Right now we are interleaving frames where we read only the RGB data (at 60 Hz) with frames where we also read the Depth data (at 10 Hz). Combining this two frequencies, the final application goes at 52Hz more or less (This is currently happening with a Jetson Xavier NX).

We are looking for a way to separate this two data streams so we don’t need to sacrifice RGB frames when we need to collect Depth data (for example by having two separate clients). Is this in any way possible?

We are asking this because we have seen that inside the Depth Viewer application the sample rates from RGB and Depth are given separately (as shown in the image).
Screenshot from 2024-05-29 10-35-42

Thanks in advance!

Hi @arremebg
depth processing runs on the same pipeline as RGB retrieval.

If you do not need depth information for every RGB information you retrieve, you can disable depth before calling the grab function by using the sl::RuntimeParameters:: enable_depth to enable/disable the depth estimation according to your requirements.

Ah! That’s what we were fearing. Thanks for the answer!