Custom VR headset support for the zed unreal plugin


We would like to add support for our in house VR HMD to the unreal zed plugin. What is the proper way of doing this?

Currently the plugin crashes when trying to estimate the EyeToZedDistance because of unknown HMD. Hardcoding the value to 10 (same as Oculus) fix the crash but the rendering of the zed video on the left eye is broken.

Could you tell me :

  • what the EyeToZedDistance represent exactly and how to calculate it.
  • if there is any thing else that is HMD specific, should be modified and could potentially fix the rendering issue on the left eye?



The EyeToZedDistance parameter is the distance between your eyes and the camera.
It does not need to be very precise and is set to 10cm for all type of VR headsets.

The other parameter that changes based on the Headset model is the latency value, used to compensate the ZED’s image latency.
You can modify it with the sl::mr::latencyCorrectorAdjOffset() function if you want.

Benjamin Vallon

Stereolabs Support