Custom orin board can not use zed-sdk sample

we use zed with our own orin board with our own deser max96712, changed the device to i2c@3160000,we install sl_max96712.ko,insmod sl_zed.ko,I have changed the dts to i2c@3160000.
I can get the image data by using v4l2-ctl,so the driver and dts are correctly configured.But I cannot run zed-sdk sample, such as “camera control”, it seems to reed the wrong I2c, the zed sdk is bound to the Specified i2c?
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Hi @jasonmuscle
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Custom carrier boards require a modification of the DTS to correctly drive the I/O signal to the I/O pins.
Please write an email to by describing your project and carrier board to get access to the required information.

I think the dts is right,the diriver is ok and i can get image by v4l2-ctl

A ZED X is not only made of “images”.