Custom Object Detection with ROS1

I am following the tutorial for custom object detection with the Zed2i and ROS1.
When I want to use some information and functions released by the camera (such as tracking and rviz), and do my own custom object detection, and finally extract the detection information to the ZED SDK. The Zed2i will conflict because it cannot be turned on twice. How to solve this problem please? What is the best way to integrate ZED2i’s custom object detection with ROS?

Hi @li221199
it is not possible to modify the ZED ROS Wrapper in order to add Custom Object Detection capabilities and make it usable for every possible use case.
For this reason, we decided to not integrate it for the moment until we find a robust solution.
However you can do that by yourself, the ROS Wrapper is open source and you can modify the main loop of the ZED Nodelet and add your custom detector code.

thanks for your suggestion,I will try to do this

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