Custom Object Detection Unity SDK

Hi everybody,

Running Object Detection Mode on the Camera with CUSTOM_BOX_OBJECTS is not working.

In the code ZEDManager.cs somehing is always setting the objectDetectionImageSyncMode to FALSE.

That means that in the method ‘AcquireImages’ this code:
zedCamera.IngestCustomBoxObjects(customObjects, objectDetectionInstanceID);

Is never executed. Also running it without even tracking anything results in almost 30 seconds of freezing everything.

I have been moving the IngestCustomBoxObjects to the method ‘UpdateObjectDetection’ and that works, but the freezing is still there and I experience a lot of crashes.

It seems something weird is going on. Does anybody know how to get this working properly?
Thank you so much in advance.

Hi @wimvanhenden-tool,

This parameter is indeed set to false for some reason, but I think the intended behavior is for it to be always true.
It may be because it was linked to a custom editor in the past. As a workaround, you can uncomment these lines of code in the custom editor script, and set the Image Sync to true in the inspector.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
I still don’t know why it is set to false even though the default should be true, though. :thinking: