Custom Object Detection not detecting Object Properly after 2 meters

Custom Object Detection not detecting Object Properly and the output from camera is not clear when compared with other sample programs(using ai models). Model trained using yolov5s. when is executed, didn’t get a clear or quality video in real-time. Also, the moving object is not detected.

Hi @safeershahul
this seems a problem with your YOLOv5 custom model, not with the integration with the ZED SDK.
Can you provide links to the guide that you followed?

If you don’t mind. Can you please provide a complete guide for doing custom object detection in zed 2. We are doing a project to detect badminton shuttle, tennis ball and table tennis ball (moving).

We provide examples on Github:

and online documentation:

@Myzhar python --weights # [–img_size 512 --conf_thres 0.1 --svo path/to/file.svo] - what is svo here? can you please explain

SVO is a file recorded with ZED Explorer (or using the ZED SDK API) to process the ZED data offline.
you can remove that option to open a live stream from a camera connected to the USB port