Custom Detector: zed.retrieve_objects not working without zed.grab(runtime_params)?

Hallo I have an Issue with the Custom Detector.
My program hangs when I run zed.retrieve_objects and haven’t previously run zed.grab(runtime_params). I would have liked to omit zed.grab(runtime params) as it takes a lot of time.

Any Ideas or Solutions?

Running Ubuntu 20.04 and SDK 3.8.2

Best regards


Currently, grabs are required. What kind of duration are you talking about ? On what kind of device ?

Thanks for your quick response!

It takes around 15ms running on an Intel(R) Core™ i7-10850H CPU @ 2.70GHz.

It’s running at 60 FPS then. Probably the max fps of the resolution you chose. If you need to increase that, choose VGA (since you don’t need the images, right ?)

I expressed myself incomprehensibly, a whole program iteration runs at about 10 FPS. The zed.grab(runtime_params) method alone takes 15ms.

You can run the grab() in another thread if that helps.