Custom Detector can't open COM3 port


I’m trying to run the custom detector on Windows but keep getting this error for line 6 of the code:

How do I get around this error? My COM3 port works fine with Arduino and I can open up the ZED camera through the explorer so it isn’t a problem with either of those.

Hi @KGupta,

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Does this issue happen on the other tools/samples of the ZED SDK or specifically on the custom detector sample? Can you try to open the camera with ZED_Depth_Viewer?

Have you made modifications to the python custom object detection sample?

Yes, all programs which open the COM3 port give the same error. I haven’t made any modifications to the sample program.

In the logs you’ve sent, on line 20 the error describes that you are opening the COM3 port using the serial library, this is not part of the original sample here: zed-sdk/object detection/custom detector/python/pytorch_yolov8/ at master · stereolabs/zed-sdk · GitHub

As this is not directly related to the usage of the ZED SDK, I cannot help you with this specific issue.