CUDA 11.3 - will support be available somehow?

I have CUDA 11.3 on my machine, because it’s the only version I could get working with my p5000 card.

Does the SDK support it? Can I trick the installer into going forward?

Just to add, 11.1 is now in the CUDA “Archives”, it’s a couple of minor revs behind.

I understand your frustration, unfortunately, we’re dependant on Nvidia for the release of TensorRT.
The latest release of TRT, 7.2.3, only supports CUDA 11.2 and 11.1 (and if 11.2 is used, both CUDA 11.1 AND 11.2 must be installed). The next major TensorRT version, currently in early access, seems to support CUDA 11.3 but is not being distributed for Windows.

However, the Quadro P5000 is based on Pascal architecture which is 2 generations older (there was Volta/Turing and now Ampere) than the current. With a compute capability of 6.1 (CUDA GPUs | NVIDIA Developer), it should be supported from CUDA 8.0. There should be no compatibility issue with CUDA 10.2 or 11.0 / 11.1.