CUDA 10.2 is not Ready(already reboot); Unable to detect your graphics card

I cannot open ZED Depth Viewer, once I open, it will crash.
using cmd: nvcc --version and nvidia-smi, all working fine.

I cannot put the zed diagnostics image, but it said
zed sdk: cuda 10.2 is not ready
graphics card: unable to detect your graphics card

Hi @dians
Welcome to the Stereolabs community.

To better understand what is causing your problem, we need more information on your device’s status and your system’s configuration.
Please connect the camera to the USB3 port, run the ZED Diagnostic tool, and send me the report file it generates.

The ZED Diagnostic tool was not able to detect the model of the NVIDIA GPU card that is installed on your PC.

Is there an NVIDIA GPU card installed on your PC? What model?

yes, I have a GeForce MX130.

It is a laptop GPU

The NVIDIA Geforce MX 130, is an old NVIDIA GPU based on the Maxwell architecture.
You can use it with CUDA 10.2, but you must install a GPU driver that supports this old version of the CUDA library.
I recommend searching the internet for more information.

Please note that the ZED SDK v4.1 does support CUDA 10.2 only for the embedded NVIDIA Jetson Nano, Jetson TX2, and Jetson TX2 NX, hence you must use and older version of the SDK:

CUDA 10.2 is what I use. And shows the errors that I send you…
I already install the GPU driver. It is very new that supports this old version.
I have no idea, maybe I should sell this laptop and buy a new one.