Corrupted SVOs when recording from python script

Hey folks,

I’m getting corrupted videos as seen in the image when I record via python scripts.

Recording via Zed Explorer doesn’t seem to have this problem, but I am trying to record from 2 Zed2 cameras at the same time, which I can’t do through Explorer.

This was all working fine 2 weeks ago. Last week I had a problem with Python apparently just disappearing from my computer’s path, which I fixed today; and this problem has arisen since then.

Anyone have any suggestions for me for how to trouble-shoot?



Maybe your python environment is not using the GPU correctly. That happens a lot on laptop with multiple GPUs.
Are you using a conda env ?
What does glxinfo | grep OpenGL returns?

After some experimentation, I’m not sure this is a python problem.

If I open the .svo file by double clicking on it, Zed Explorer opens and I get the corrupt-looking video.
If I open Zed Explorer, click the Load button, and open the file that way, it plays with no corruption.

Let me know if I need to make a new thread for this, but has anyone encountered anything like this?

@alassagne That is a good thought, thank you. I’m not using conda. I am on Windows, so don’t have glxinfo. Currently doing some research to see if there’s an equivalent that might work.

ZED explorer is actually the wrong candidate for your tests, because it runs without CUDA. Can you run depth viewer ?

When you double click on ZED Explorer, or open it from somewhere else, it probably does not take the same GPU. It’s very likely your issue here. Do you have a laptop with a dedicated GPU and an internal one ?

The footage does seem to work in Depth Viewer!