Consuming zed 2i stream inside unity with Depth Mode NEURAL fails

Ive setup my zed 2i to stream a depth image from a remote PC which I then want to consume using Zed’s Unity SDK. This is working great as long as I use depth modes QUALITY, PERFORMANCE, and ULTRA. When I try to use the NEURAL depth mode the camera never finishes loading and appears to hang forever. If I check my network usage during that time I can see the Unity scene is consuming the data feed.

Streaming settings

  • HD720
  • Bitrate 7000(ive tested as high as 12000 and it doesnt appear to make a difference)
  • 30 FPS
  • Port 30000.

Is there possibly another setting I need to use inside unity in order to enable this feature?

The Neural Depth mode requires an initial pre-processing (only the 1st time you use it).
As it runs in background it may freeze the Unity Ui.
Consider to run the ZED Diagnostic Tool in command line with the -nrlo option to do it.
You can also run whathever sample you want with this Depth Mode to do it (it should display logs during the process) and then run it in unity whithout issues.

Thanks for the response. We just managed to test out the neural option and it take about 15-20 minutes to train.

Can we expect the neural training to persist between reboots of the machine?