CMake Error in positional tracking sample

Recently I was building the positional tracking sample in C++ using ZED SDK version 3.4.1 and was experiencing issues with CMake finding the include directory for GLUT. After examining the CMakeLists.txt file for the sample and the zed-config.cmake file, I discovered an inconsistency. Line 46 of zed-config.cmake sets GLUT_INCLUDE_DIR:

SET(GLUT_INCLUDE_DIR ${ZED_DIR}/dependencies/freeglut_2.8/include CACHE BOOL “” FORCE)

However, line 34 of CMakeLists.txt references GLUT_INCLUDE_PATH:


Changing GLUT_INCLUDE_PATH to GLUT_INCLUDE_DIR resolved the issue, but I wanted to make a post so it could be fixed in a later version.

Hi @Ermanator
Welcome to the Stereolabs community.

The fix you applied is correct. We will fix the example. Thank you for reporting