Cloud setup for ZED2i access via android/web app

I am looking to setup Zed2i camera in the field but want to control and access via a web server in Cloud. it seems simple but i am failing to setup. The setup is like this.
Camera is in field where Mobile 4g or LAN is extended and it is in pvt ip. now i am developing a web site/android app which will access the stream and on click will take photo. this photos in point cloud should store in Nvidia Jetson or GPU cloud server and do some 3d processing. Then i want processed data with report to be presented on web site or android app. can anyone please help me for best ways to setup this running.

Hi @Garima
I’m sorry, but what you described is not so clear.
Can you provide more information by eventually adding schemes that explain the configuration of your system?

Thanks let me explain it. i have zed camera with jetson. it is installed in remote area and will be on 4g internet. I am developing a web/android app which will be hosted in cloud. now i want to access and manage the camera and jetson from mobile app. i want take some 3d snaps and download pointcloud and process further. both jetwson and mobile are on 4g network and need to communicate each other. please suggest a standard network protocol/setup etc.

Hi @Garima
we do not provide a similar feature out of the shelf.
You must write your own application that provides a bridge between the ZED SDK processing and the web/cloud.
There are many possible solutions and the final choice depends on your requirement: WebRTC, websockets, etc

Thanks a lot Myzhar. can you please share some solutions which people might have implemented. Our issue is Camera is on private ip so not sure how we can reach to camera/jetson.

You must use a server and create services to access the data. There is a world around these kinds of applications and discussing them here is out of the scope of this forum.
I suggest you contact an expert in web applications who can suggest to you the best approach to take.
Maybe someone will contact you directly by reading this thread.