Clarity between buying Zed2i with Polarizer or without Polarizer

I understand Zed2i comes with both polarizer and without. Can someone please explain/ recommend an application where the polarizer can be used?

Should I buy the Zed2i with Polarizer or without Polarizer?

Many thanks


The polarizer basically removes light reflections, especially light rays coming from the sun that are reflected on the ground. However, it reduces a bit the global transparency of the lens.

Therefore, when you are planning to use the ZED2i outside, it’s better to use the ZED2i with polarizer.
If inside, then ZED2i without polarizer is enough.

Note that we have more lead time on the ZED2i with polarizer due to production constraints.


I bought a used one zed 2i,How can I be sure it is withpolarazer?