Clarification on using 4 ZED Xs with Jetson AGX/NX

Hey folks,

I’m looking at setting up a system with 4 synchronized ZED X cameras on a single Nvidia Jetson AGX.

I’ve seen forum posts suggesting that this configuration works fine, but the store page for the GMSL capture card says it only supports 2 cameras at a time. Asking here for (hopefully) finally clarity:

If I get a single GMSL capture card will I be able to read 4 Zed Xs simultaneously on a single Jetson AGX?

If so why does the store page for the capture card say it only works with 2 max?

If this setup won’t work what is the bottleneck? Is it bandwidth, do I need 2 capture cards, would this work with an AGX but not an NX? Or is there just no way to make 4 sync’d cameras go to one jetson?

Hi @Waelyn
Welcome to the Stereolabs community.

The current version of the Stereolabs GMSL2 capture card supports only 2 ZED Xs.
We are working on a new GMSL2 capture card that will be able to handle up to 4 ZED Xs simultaneously with HW synchronization.
The new capture card will be probably launched at the end of 2023, or early 2024.

Unfortunately you cannot install more than one GMSL2 capture card to each Jetson devkit.

Thanks for the clear answer @Myzhar! Looking forward to this new capture card being launched

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