Chunk size clamped to 4096 even though documentation states otherwise

Hi all,

I’m experimenting with a Zed camera running on a Jetson Nano. Use case is to send the video feed to a server in the cloud to demonstrate edge computing technology.

I’m having trouble getting a stable video feed. Even at HD720 or VGA, the adaptative bitrate falls to 250, and the video is choppy.

Network throughput seems to be the issue (even though it shouldn’t, just did a local speed test, and I’ve got 150Mbps DL /93Mbps UL).

When capturing packets with tcpdump, I can see the ZED sender software creates packets tied to the chunk_size value, meaning that with a value of 4096 it will create 4096 bits length UDP packets, which gets fragmented because my MTU is 1500. When setting the chunk size to 1400 in either the CPP or Python script, I get a warning telling me the value is clamped to 4096.

API doc states that the chunk_size value can be between 1024 and 65000, so I’m quite confused. (StreamingParameters Struct Reference | API Reference | Stereolabs)

Playing with gop values can help, but never fully fix the issue.

Any help would be quite appreciated.


Edit : This has been solved by updating the current version of the SDK to the latest version. Leaving this here if someone else ends up in this situation.