Changing ros1 common.yaml file doesn't change image output

Hi Stereolabs,

I am using 2 zedx cameras with orin AGX jetson Orin in Jetpack 5.1.1. I can compile all the ros1 packages and launch them, but when I change params in ros_wrapper/params/common.yaml such as ( brightness contrast hue saturation to -1, auto_exposure_gain to false and changed exposure from 10 to 100, the image output from topic /zedx/zed_node/left/image_rect_color and /image_raw never changes, I tried with zed SDK and the image does change a lot. I am not sure what’s the issue, please help me check this. (in general, I need to increase the saturation and make the output image dimmer)

Hi @Jiahe
camera controls for the ZED X devices are not available in the ZED ROS Wrapper.
They require the use of different API functions that are not yet supported.